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Fu-Za @A = The Future of ZA

Our youth can fly HIGH . They can burn BRIGHT . Their future can be great if we treat each learner as more than "just"an academic student, but more as potential who needs additional skills to be able to deal with the challenges of the 21st century.

A future than needs tech savvy people, who do not only have high EQ skills, but also great higher order thinking skills and understand the world of business. We need movers and shakers, entrepreneurs and "businesspreneurs". Fu-Za's training programmes develop the whole learner - from computer skills, to academic skills, from personal awareness to professional conduct. The whole person.

The Fu-Za @A Vision 
Training unemployed youth to create their own future,

using modern technology,
sound academic methodology
and holistic development,
towards a better future for all.


The Fu-Za training programme started as an onsite training programme, but it quickly became clear that that there is a huge need for an offsite training solution. (More about this here.)

AkukhanYa, the holding company of Fu-Za @A, has been in the training business since 2005. Jacqueline Klem, founder of AkukhanYa, has been in education since 1990.AkukhanYa has evolved over a period of years, starting as an accreditation & capacity building consultancy to private training providers. In 2008 AkukhanYa was formally registered as a business with only two partners, Jacqueline who dealt with the education side of the business and Cecilia who managed the finances and legal issues. In 2010 we offered our 1st ABET training programme and the business grew to branches in Cape Town & Durban, with a number of contracted trainers and a full time administrator.

In 2016 we joined hands with Getting to Know English Centre and became the accreditation offer and project manager of their accredited qualifications. At the same time we joined forces with Out of the Box in Germiston and in 2017 we trained our first group of learnership learners. We immediately realised that an offsite training solution is the niche market we wish to build our learnership training programme in.


The why is important. Because we don't want to offer an academic programme in isolation to real life experiences. Most learners do not have to complete the literacy and numeracy component of the qualification, as they have a matric certificate. We believe they MUST improve their language and numerical abilities if they want to succeed in further studies or a professional career. (They link up with our iVictory! @A division on this.)

We also believe in more than the qualifications require in technology and computer learning, as we need to produce tech savvy learners, not only in theory, but in practice. (This is where the T-Man Techno @A division steps in.)

We also believe that the learners general knowledge should be expanded and they must have a broader world view, as well as exposure to cultural issues, music, art, diversity, beauty, heritage, conservation, governance, religions, sports and so much more. (Ali's Travels @A is the division that expose the learners as part of their training.)

Furthermore the learners have to give back in exchange for what they are richly receiving with a small community service project and a large end of the year Christmas Market and Christmas Lunch to the local community. This also provide them with the opportunity to translate academic into practical business skills. (The market is done through the Grumba Festivals @A division and the Christmas Eve lunch through the Jireh Fountain @A division.)

It also provide us with the opportunity to teach the learners basic office skills, such as how to use a microwave, kettle, toaster, how to do filing and cleaning and caring for their space. How to take pride in the most simple of tasks and how to be team players.

We also expose learners to a healthy lifestyle (exercise, diet & emotional health) and cultivate a love for READING and KNOWLEDGE which = lifelong learning!

If there is one thing we are passionate about, it is that a learner on one of our programmes not only complete the qualification (or learnership), but has changed in the process.

We cannot achieve all this if see the learners once a week or a week block time, but we can through continuous training workplace experience at our centre, through the various projects and the Workplace Academy programme we have.

THAT is why we are focusing on a niche market and why we are not everything to everyone. We have brilliant associates that can offer onsite training to companies who wish to offer learnerships not offered by us. We also have an online + app learning platform that brings much of the experience to the learner using our specially developed learning app and online training platform.


None of what we do would be possible if not for the synergy of strong partnership.

1. AkukhanYa offering the training & practicals as the project manager for Getting to Know English Centre (Pretoria)

2. Out of the Box providing both the facilities and access to skills programmes to incorporate into the academic training (Germiston & Albertskroon)

3. Getting to Know English Centre as the accredited provider

4. Clients to sponsor unemployed youth

5. Learners who have a desire to make a difference with their lives

6. The SETAs that certify the qualification and register the learnerships

7. The trainers of the various skills training programmes we incorporate into the qualification to expose learners to entrepreneurial options

8. Purple Tech who is our app developer

9. Rovux Systems that handle our Odoo online training platform

10. Specialist who offer awareness campaigns or provide us with resources to share with the learners

11. Local counselors and psychologists who we can refer learners to for additional assistance in times of crisis (such as a rape, or diagnoses of ADHD or abuse)

12. Embassies that support our country awareness training.

13. Associates that offer subject specific training, such as IT, sales, marketing, essential skills. etc.   

Our History in a Nutshell

nobody knows what 2021 will bring us,

but we are geared for a new year, a fresh start, for growing the number of learnerships we can offer and going from set backs to strength.


Despite the economy & set backs, AkukhanYa and Out of the Box, as well as GTKEC are still going....Training started again and the current 2020 learners are organising a Christmas Market as part of their practical implementation.

Friday 27 November to Saturday 28 November 2020


...they are also organising a Christmas lunch for selected families in the community that will not be able to have a Christmas at all. With gifts for the children & food parcels for the family.

24 December 2020

At the beginning of 2020, Out of the Box opened another skills training centre in Albertskroon, Johannesburg. AkukhanYa's permanent staff had now grown to 14 and AkukhanYa now manages the Germiston branch of Out of the Box....


...then lock down happened and all training had to be stopped for 3 months, with stringent health & safety measures put into place for training to start up again by middle June 2020. The economy hit AkukhanYa & Out of the Box as hard as it hit all other business in South Africa.

AkukhanYa moves their whole operation to Germiston and become a full partner in training with Out of the Box. Qualifications has been expanded to BAS NQF 3+4, as well as Generic Management NQF 4 + 5.


...we also formed a partnership with Intuition College to offer extended computer training to all our learners.

Stanley & Decker kitted out a full woodwork training facility at Out of teh Box which our learnership learners could also use for additional entrepreneurial skill training.

AkukhanYa offers the first offsite training solution learnership in partnership with GTKEC & OotB at the Germiston hub...


...by 2018 we have expanded our office space at OotB and offered a number of learnerships groups at the centre.The Fu-Za @A division of AkukhanYa became a full blown entity, incorpoarting the iVictorY! literacy & numeracy, as well as the Ali's Travels supporting programme into the learnership training.

AkukhanYa forms a formal partnership with getting to Know English Centre and become the project manager and accreditation officer for GTKEC. The first qualification was the Business Administration Services NQF 2.


...AkukhanYa also forms a partnership with Out of the Box Skills Centre (a NPO) in Germiston and start offering supplementary training to the skills programmes offered at OotB.

Due to years of consultancy work, working with private training providers, assessors, moderators, the SETAs and other government organisations, Jacqueline has build a comprehensive network of educational experts that is still part of the AkukhanYa journey till date.


...AkukhanYa moves into their own formal premises and focus more on ABET and less on accreditation. The Ali's Travels supporting programme became incorporated into all ABET training.

The ABET training grew exponentially and less focus was placed on accreditation for private training providers. AkukhanYa first connected with Langahead School of Language & then Professional Child Care College in Melville, Gauteng. We employed out 3rd, 4th and 5th full time staff member by the middle of 2010. The programme is now officially known as the iVictorY! literacy & numeracy training programme.


In 2008 Jacqueline is contacted by a private company and asked to run their ABET training programme. AkukhanYa consultancy is then formally registered as a closed corporation, still focusing on accreditation, organisational capacity building and ABET literacy & numeracy.

March 2005 Jacqueline branch out on her own and start her won consultancy business specializing in accreditation and programme development for a number of companies, e.g. Save the Children, SOS Villages, Eco City and others...


By 2002 she is employed full time as a curriculum developer for M Richards & McGraw...


...and finally become a junior partner and managing member for the company.

Jacqueline is head hunted and start working at NMG in their financial corporate training division in Johannesburg, Gauteng.


...the division is closed down and all staff retrenched. Jacqueline then work as an ABET trainer for M Richards & McGraw in Bedfordview, Gauteng.

Jacqueline receives a scholarship to study at the University of Indiana in Bloomington, Indiana, USA on multimedia and diversity in education. It is at a masters level...


... on return from her studies in the USA, Jacqueline completes the Masesibane Project funded by the .G. Murray Trust.

Jacqueline is one of the selected curriculum developers to be trained in Outcome Based Education by USAID, European Union and the other aid organisations from 1995 - 1998...

Jacqueline also trains as a part time lecturer for the Grahamstown University at their East London branch.


...in 1998 Jacqueline joins the Masesibane Development Programme and in 2000 she is appointed as the provincial leader for the programme.and switch the timeline contents to fit your needs.

During this time she is responsible for capacity building of 8 ECD NGOs in line with the new outcome based curriculum for ECD.

Jacqueline teach at a private school in Butterworth (Transkei)


... before joining a non-profit organisation (ITEC based in East London) as a curriculum developer of ECD training programmes, as well as school governing body programmes.

Jacqueline is the SA coordinator of an USA research programme in the Eastern Cape. She is promoted to department head in 1995

.acqueline start her teaching career in King William's Town, Eastern Cape as Grade 1 teacher in a Model C school


She also complete a certificate in Interior Design by 1993 at the Technical College of Port Elizabeth, where she is also a part time lecturer.

acqueline Klem complete her B PRIM ED (JNR) PRIM degree at UPE (MMMU)


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