eMPee is short for Marina's Pearls.
            The name was inspired by true event that is truly motivational and selfless - but more will be told about this as soon as our online store is launched. Currently, it is in the BETA pilot phase and we trust that it will be fully launched by October 2020. eMPee will give all interested parties the opportunity to go and do a bit of research and pay directly online for all training and products available across the full AkukhanYa Group spectrum.

            The launch will be announced with full fanfare - so keep an eye on our social media platforms, or subscribe to our monthly newsletter for the big announcement. Below is a peek at some of the training you can register for online when eMPee goes live. All of these courses are already available right now for training.

            - Germiston Hub - All programmes are on offer
            - Albertskroon Hub - Skills programmes and short courses on offer